How It Works

Onepick is your next-generation trustworthy platform.

Content sharing

Pickers create a pick (photo, video, question), and ask the onepick trusted community to help them make a choice.

Content Discovery

As a Picker, discover infinite content and brands. Help millions of users come to a decision, share your suggestions and be part of brands creative process. Share your taste, genuine insight and make your pick.

Data Studio

Onepick provides up-to-date data and data analytics for businesses. Identify the core problem areas and come up with a better-refined vision.


Your next-generation trustworthy platform.

Press & Media Kit

Your One-Stop Resource for Media and Press Information

How Can A Brand Reduce its Deadstock?

The Importance of Customer Feedback: How OnePick Makes it Easy

The Power of Friends’ Feedback: How OnePick Can Help You Decide

App Demo

A sneak-peek into the Onepick universe.
  • Invite your friends, find new friends.
  • Create a pick, upload a photo, a video, a link or a choice.
  • Access all insights though your Data studio.

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